e, the 2 owners of this precious gem in Sea Point, are coming from Munich, Germany, where we both spent the biggest part of our lives. Ralf Fiedler, a doctor of medicine specialized in internal medicine who was running his own private practice as a family doctor in the city of Munich, and Mr Stephan Kirchner,

who was also working in the medical field in a hospital in Munich, finally came to the conclusion after having travelled to the southern parts of Africa for many years, that there must be something more to explore in their life so we finally made the decision to change our way of living in Europe, pack our suitcases,

hire a container, sell our beloved little house in Bavaria, leave friends and our closest family, grab our wonderful black cat Felix and move to CapeTown! That indeed was a big chance, but we still enjoy every single minute of it. Come to CapeTown, stay with us, and you will experience, why..!!