he first time we came to Cape Town – just after the end of apart- heid – it captivated us immediately: the hospitality, the friendly rapport bet- ween different nationalities, the city’s position on the Atlantic, the weather, the breathtaking fauna, the stunning natural setting, the food – quite simply everything we found there. The magic of Africa had captured our hearts.

There was only one thing missing: a place where you could forget the humdrum of European life, an oasis of peace where you could reflect on the manifold impressions this start- ling country has to offer.And then we found such a place: the African Home.

Now we wish to share with you our dream of the ideal holiday – comfort, peace, and courteous, unobtrusive staff. An atmosphere in which you truly can relax to the full.

After all, we want not only that you feel relaxed, but that you feel at home.